This World Is Not Ours

by Defiants

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This is our first single off our upcoming EP titled "integral Annihilation".


It starts with
The sun being blotted out
By something massive in the sky
Did we know that it was our doom,
At the time?

Replace the atmosphere
With your own
The moment they got here
Our lives
Were forfeit that instant
Speak to me
Oh, hive mind
Show me the deficiency of humankind.
This world is not ours

(It's theirs)

Rain down mycetic spores
And consume us off the face
Of this world
Leave nothing alive,
Drain this planet dry,
And use our biomass,
To conquer the next

The black
Mass approaches

By the time you've figured out their strategy it's all too late,
By shear numbers they overwhelm our defenses and send in the Titans,
The heirophant is among us.

With scythe like limbs
They lacerate and decimate all life,
Humanity is nothing but another feast for them,

The hive
Beckons us

To be consumed
By something greater than you.

Look into the mind of the hive tyrant
And know that these insectoid eyes
Are the last things that your feeble minds will witness.
I won't kill you out of hate, just the need for sustenance.


released December 3, 2016
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios in San Mateo, CA



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Defiants San Jose, California

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