Plague Maker

by Defiants

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Second single off our upcoming EP "Integral Annihilation"


Deep within the C.D.C.
There is a man such as me
Who loathes humanity
And so I study disease
I've been a recluse
For my short existence
For one reason
I cannot think of man
As anything but
My lab subjects,
But a lab is much too small of a scale,
I've known for some time what I need to do,
I need to think bigger,
I must unleash.
I'll do nothing but smile,
As the cities of man puke up bile,
Organs liquified seeping out
Through every oriface.
I will laugh with glee
When I see your pox-ridden, face.
They'll be begging for a cure.
Alone I hold the key
I work behind the scenes
To improve upon this blight
Atop the orgy of anguished souls,
I will stand,
Watching skin bubble off,
Thousands convulsing on the floor,
I am the plague maker.
Billions convulsing on the floor,
I am the plague maker
As far as the
Eye can see
You'll see the streets littered with fetid flesh
Failing bodies ooze and drop
Fusing them to the already deceased
No life left
Just the microbes on your body
They really are the only company i need
I laugh maliciously and ponder:
Will the earth thank me?
I have cured the terminal disease of human life


released February 13, 2017
Recorded mixed and mastered by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios.



all rights reserved


Defiants San Jose, California

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