Behemoth Abnormality

by Defiants

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Its hands pluck at the very fabric of reality,
Brushing against your mind and enticing your skin,
In thin air sparks begin to appear,
Attracting the gaze of all,
An interdimensional rift tears open,
A sanguine abnormality steps forth,
Maddening is its' beauty, x2
Terrifying is its' behemoth form, x2
Is this being god?
While the question remains fresh in the minds of thousands,
Hundreds die before they realize:
This thing is here to destroy.
The choice is simple: worship or perish.
What do you decide?
Billions fall to their knees and beg for their lives,
They proclaim their lives to this monster.
The unfaithful
In an attempt to overthrow its tyranny.
They are easily thwarted by its fresh pawns,
And its' forces unnatural.
The usurpers
Are gleefully
Escorted to
This monsters very realm,
Where they are shown,
Things that mortal minds
Cannot comprehend,
Once they lose their minds,
Their skulls will be added
To this monsters throne
Where it will sit atop earth.




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Defiants San Jose, California

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